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Media Opportunities

World-leading insight and commentary

The English Institute of Sport has a network of over 350 world-leading experts in science, medicine, technology and engineering who empower sports and athletes to realise their potential and excel. Many of these experts are available for media opportunities and to provide comment and interviews on their areas of expertise.

If you are a media professional and interested in speaking to an English Institute of Sport spokesperson, please contact:

  • Tash Carpenter

    Director of Corporate Communications

    For commercial enquiries, please contact Tash.

    Mob: 07850 716679

  • Grace Cullen

    Communications Manager

    Grace is currently on leave, returning in 2023.


    Mob: 07950 623051

Areas of knowledge and expertise where the English Institute of Sport can offer world leading insight and commentary include:

  • Supporting all aspects of athletes’ physical and mental health

  • Improving performance and reducing injuries through optimising movement patterns

  • Improving training, enhancing competition performance and reducing illness and injury through performance nutrition

  • Understanding the physiological demands of sporting performance to optimise training and performance
  • Female athlete health and the English Institute of Sport SmartHer campaign
  • Preparation for extreme hot or cold conditions
  • Sleep science

  • Injury assessment, management and rehabilitation
  • Industry-leading expertise on specific muscles, joints and ligaments such as the shoulder and anterior cruciate ligament

  • Enhancing performance and improving decision making through data analysis and video analysis

  • World-leading technology, engineering and research in science and medicine to help athletes achieve improvements in performance.

  • A person-first approach providing individual coaching and mentoring to athletes
  • The English Institute of Sport #More2Me campaign

  • Recruiting, developing and transitioning athletes

  • Helping athletes and staff prepare psychologically for the demands of competition and training.

  • Using data to help sports optimise athlete performance

  • The medical care of injury and illness in sport

  • Planning, delivering and reviewing the physical and physiological preparation of athletes aligned to specific sports performance outcomes

In addition, members of the English Institute of Sports senior leadership team are also available for media opportunities: