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Sports Psychology

The aim of Performance Psychology is to help athletes and staff prepare psychologically for the demands of competition and training. With around 30 expert psychologists, the EIS has one of the world’s leading psychological support systems for high performance.

Why is there a Performance Psychology team at the EIS?

The purpose of the EIS performance psychology team is to facilitate the creation of psychologically underpinned and sustainable high performance environments that develop the person as well as the performer to THRIVE. Watch the video below to learn more.

Through our collaboration as a team, and with athletes and staff from within and outside the system, we have developed ten guiding principles to underpin our purpose:

  • Thriving is everyone’s business
  • Success is driven by a process focus aligned with a higher purpose
  • Personal values drive behaviour
  • Psychological safety promotes collaboration and risk taking (challenge perceptions)
  • Uniqueness and strengths should be embraced and optimised 
  • The performance culture is determined by clear and unambiguous standards
  •  Shared understanding and language promote consistent communication
  • Performance environments require appropriate balance of challenge and support
  • Purposeful experience and reflection evolve human performance
  • Failing smart accelerates learning and promotes growth

There is a strong performance focus, but traditional sport psychology intervention is dependent upon the guiding principles being in place. In practice, our practitioners facilitate opportunities (through collaboration) for sports to develop their athletes and staff holistically, helping shape values-driven cultural environments that are sustainable for future generations.