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The EIS renews ND Sports Performance partnership

29 July 2022

The English Institute of Sport (EIS) has announced a renewed partnership with ND Sports Performance (NDSP), which will see it continue as a Technical Supplier to the EIS until 2025.

Irish brand ND Sports Performance has a strong reputation for high-quality products and is trusted by a number of high-profile sporting organisations across the world.

Both the EIS and NDSP share a strong commitment to scientific research and will collaborate further with insights into injury reduction and rehabilitation, as well as enhancing education and awareness around the importance of strength training, muscle performance and their effect on sporting performance.

The EIS delivers outstanding support that enables sports and athletes to excel. Since 2002, and over the last four Olympic and Paralympic cycles, the EIS has evolved quietly and effectively into an organisation consistently performing at a world-leading level, contributing to over 1,000 Olympic and Paralympic medals.

ND Sports Performance’s Hamstring Solo system has been used by the EIS since 2018 to objectively measure eccentric and isometric hamstring strength metrics for its supported athletes. The Hamstring Solo Elite assists EIS practitioners to mitigate the risk of hamstring injuries – one of the most common injuries in field sports and athletics – and is also used to assess muscular strength aligned to performance. Its real-time feedback via an iOS or Android mobile app visually displays progress and enables coaches to guide strength/rehabilitation programmes accordingly.

Roy Barber, S&C for Performance Rehabilitation at the EIS, said: “We’re delighted to renew our partnership with ND Sports Performance as our preferred muscle performance measurement technology supplier to the EIS. We’ve had a great relationship with the ND Sports team for a long time, and this is an exciting progression of that relationship. Objectively monitoring muscle performance with ND Sports’ devices reduces guesswork and ultimately strengthens the instincts of our practitioners to train elite athletes to perform at their best.”

Noel Doherty, CEO and founder of ND Sports Performance, said: ‘’Injuries in sport are inevitable; quite often these time-loss injuries negatively impact teams and individuals, not only due to the direct cost associated but also by reducing squad availability and therefore the likelihood of success. Our products and systems are designed to provide practitioners with valuable objective information to support their decision-making processes, helping their athletes to stay injury-free and increasing their sporting performance. The research shows that hamstring injuries are the most common injury in many sports and have the highest reoccurrence rate of any injury.

“The Hamstring Solo system is widely regarded as the safest, most accurate way to objectively monitor hamstring vulnerability in the field; it will enable practitioners to safely monitor and therefore manage their athletes/patients more effectively. If injuries do occur, our systems will assist practitioners to guide rehabilitation progress and return to play timelines.

“The 360 Data-Bar utilises the same technology as the Hamstring Solo Elite, but with the ability to test and train a wider variety of muscles and muscle groups across the whole body. This will enable practitioners to test and train the hamstrings, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle muscle groups safely and effectively.

“As the founder and CEO of ND Sports Performance it gives me great satisfaction and is a significant validation to see our products and software appreciated by experts in the field of high-performance sport. We have a close working relationship with the EIS and are very excited about what this next step in our collaboration will bring.”