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EIS Statement on the Whyte Review 

27 June 2022

The findings of the Whyte Review are saddening and distressing and, first and foremost, our thoughts and sympathies are with all of the athletes and individuals who have been affected. Abuse in sport of any form is completely unacceptable and it is deeply saddening to read the accounts of the athletes who have bravely come forward to share their experiences.

There is no straightforward or single resolution to the multiple challenges outlined in the Whyte Review, and it is vitally important that the entire high performance sporting community works together to ensure athletes are not failed in this way again, in gymnastics or any other sport. From an EIS perspective, we will take some time now to thoroughly read and consider all the information in the report, and to assess what we can learn and do as a result of the Review.

As part of our standard processes we regularly review all our policies and practices, and since the start of this cycle we have taken a number of positive steps which address some of the areas highlighted in the Whyte Review. We will continue to work closely with British Gymnastics on providing services to their World Class Programme, making sure that service and support is the best it can be, and to provide emotional and psychological support to athletes through our expert Mental Health and Performance Psychology Teams.

Our mission at the EIS is to deliver outstanding support that enables sports and athletes to excel. We have a number of practitioners who work within British Gymnastics, directly supporting the athletes, in areas such as nutrition, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, performance lifestyle and psychology. Alongside British Gymnastics, we are continuing to support our people at this time, and we are committed to operating to the highest professional standards in our work with all sports.